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Friday, August 30, 2013

Ask Me Questions

So, I've been talking a lot and not really asking you what I should post. With that in mind I will ask you, if you will ask me questions.

"Will you ask me questions?"

There I said it! You can ask me anything, anything at all, about any topic, just make it about fashion, this blog, blogs I'm following, things of that matter. Maybe you'd like to guest post. Or maybe you want to know what my mission statement. Whatever! I will answer all questions that I can just post it in a comment, with a pseudonym or your real name if you feel comfortable using it. Go ahead ask away, if you have multiple questions, I won't judge just ask in the comments.


Thank you for your questions and considerations. I'm trying to get a camera and if I do that means pictures!! Ask me questions!



  1. If cost were no issue, what is the one special item for your fashion closet that you would choose? A certain bag/coat/watch or whatever you have in mind!

  2. This is super late and I've basically abandoned this blog completely but I have my answer! I would want a simple blue sapphire ring! I could wear it everyday and it'd match with everything; it's also my birthstone!